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Lameness Diagnostics & Treatment

At Sonoma Equine, we have invested in some of the most current, high-tech, and portable lameness diagnostic and treatment devices. Each mobile unit is equipped with its own digital ultrasound and x-ray machine at all times. To compliment our soundness evaluations, we have a Lameness Locator (also known as Equinosis Q), which is a real time, field based system that is 200x more sensitive than the human eye, bringing another dimension to our lameness diagnostics. Should your horse have a muscle, tendon, or ligament issue we are equipped with a Class 4 laser, shockwave, and F.E.S. machine (Functional Electrical Muscle Stimulator) to treat the injury on site at your farm. These tools allow us to provide some of the best lameness diagnostic and treatments available to our clients.

In addition to these tools, we also incorporate integrative therapies like acupuncture, chiropractic adjustment, mesotherapy and the use of traditional Chinese herbs. These treatments provide further improvement in the performance and/or comfort in many of our patients, allowing them to feel great and reach their potential.  Just as we humans get “out of whack” from time to time, so too do our horses. Whether it is from a traumatic incident, an accident, or simply the product of normal to intense training, traditional and integrative treatments can be beneficial in aiding your horse’s recovery or promoting overall well-being, and comfort when exercising.

Digital Imaging

Using current and top-of-the-line machinery, our vets are able to gain invaluable information through clearer images, allowing them to provide detailed and accurate diagnostics when the need arises. Our mobile services are able to perform on-site digital radiographs, gastric and upper airway endoscopy, and ultrasound imaging. Our specialized ultrasound machine is equipped with advanced features including the ability to image internal organs as well as limbs, and upgraded software to improve the accuracy of rechecks. 

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Regenerative Medicine

The recent advancements in Equine sports medicine have opened the door to aiding and speeding up the recovery process for horses after an injury. Our vets incorporate PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy, Stem Cell Therapy, IRAP (Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist Protein), and Pro-Stride in our practice to ensure that our patients receive the best quality care to aid in their recovery. We are also always researching new techniques that are being used and developed in the field so that we can continue to provide our clients with the most up-to-date therapies for their horses.

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Wellness Programs

In order to best care for your horses, we recommend annual wellness exams for all of our patients. It is in these exams that our vets check your horse’s vital functions and overall well-being, which may help in the early detection of disease that could affect your horse’s future.


Many clients request these exams at the time of their yearly vaccines. When appropriate, we are able to perform fecal parasite testing, deworming consultation, and geriatric care to keep your horse comfortable and happy. If you are looking to travel or show your horse, we can easily provide the necessary health certificates and Coggins testing paperwork as a hard copy or electronically. Call us today to schedule your horse’s annual wellness exam.

Pre-Purchase Exams

A typical pre-purchase exam includes radiographs, lameness exam, neurologic and ophthalmic exams, and an overall wellness exam. Drug screening and further bloodwork are available by request. Together, these tests and exams allow us to determine the overall health and soundness of a horse in order to better determine his or her future career as an athlete and equine partner. Our cloud-based storage allows us to supply easy off-site access to facilitate communication with referring veterinarians and farriers. 

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Internal Medicine

We provide a full range of services to our clientele including colic treatment and care, nutrition consultation, general and specialized laboratory testing (including determining Serum Amyloid A levels on the farm), infectious disease treatment and management, neonatal care (including dystocia, general foal care, immunoglobulin testing, plasma administration, and care of post-partum mares), ophthalmology (including Tonovet to measure intraocular pressure), and gastroscopy to name a few. Our customized gastroscope is extra long  (3.5 meters) and narrow, allowing us to reach the glandular region of the stomach and scope horses and ponies of varying sizes. We also perform upper airway and guttural pouch examinations and biopsies. 



Oral care is an often forgotten, but very important aspect of your horse’s overall health. Neglected teeth could result in a loss of appetite, pain and discomfort, or decreased performance in the ring.


A routine oral examination is the first step in establishing your horse’s oral health. From this exam, we are able to determine the next steps in your horse’s care and treatment, whether it is a routine float using motorized dental equipment or hand tools, extractions, or dental radiographs to learn more. Do you have a miniature horse or donkey? We also have a miniature speculum which allows us to do dental work on horses both large and small with ease and comfort for the animal.  


We offer on-site surgeries including mass removal, enucleation, castration, and laceration repair. 

Emergency Services

Coverage is available for regular clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We hope you never need us, but take comfort in knowing that we will be there for you and your horse.  



To contact our on-call Veterinarian, please call 707-479-3530 and dial extension 0.

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